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  • Tech Level 7 Tools Time * .75
  • Tech Level 6 Tools Time * .80
  • Tech Level 5 Tools Time * .90
  • Tech Level 4 Tools Time * 1.0
  • Tech Level 3 Tools Time * 1.5
  • Tech Level 2 Tools Time * 2.0
  • Tech Level 1 / Non Tools Time * 3.0
1Project runs over projected cost by 1w10*5% 2Project takes longer time by 1w10*5%
3Minor injuries at work-place.
(Loss of fingers etc. One worker gone for the season)
4Major incident, 1d6 workers gone for the season.
Perhaps a wall fell in during work.
5Disease among the workers, 1d10*10% of workers out for the season. 6Strike! The workers want better standards of living/wages etc.
7Corruption, someone has funneled funds away for their own use. 8Windfall! Project completed early by 1w10*4% days.
9Good weather. Project completed cheaper by 1w10*3% 10Furnishings. One of the workers has gotten inspired
and has made some fitting furniture as a gift

Your roll : 6 gives the result Strike! The workers want better standards of living/wages etc.