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Shadowrun 4th Edition


Actively DevelopedYes
Ruleset DeveloperFenloh,Verokh,exothermal,Barrow
Current Version:
Ruleset OwnerN/A
System PublisherFASA
Download at:
Non-Pak ZIP
Community Ruleset

Shadowrun is a pen-and-paper role-playing game set in an imaginary future where huge corporations control the lives of their employees and the return of magic has altered people, politics and power. When conflicts arise the corporations, governments, wealthy individuals and even organized crime can subcontract their dirty work to specialists. The most skilled of these specialists, called shadowrunners, have earned a reputation for getting the job done and have developed a knack for staying alive. In this game the player characters are shadowrunners who try to accomplish the mission presented by the game master.

The Shadowrun world is cross-genre, incorporating elements of both cyberpunk and urban fantasy. The game is set approximately 60 years in the future of present-day Earth, and includes an account of important events from now until the time of the game. As in many near-future cyberpunk settings, Shadowrun includes advanced computer technology and sophisticated cybernetic implants. Unlike in a purely cyberpunk game, in the Shadowrun world, magic returns in 2011. Among other things, this causes humankind to split into subtypes, and some people take the form of elves, dwarves, orks or trolls. Likewise, some animals turn into the familiar monsters of fantasy, and both monsters and human magicians gain supernatural powers. By the second half of the 21st century, when the game is set, these events are accepted as commonplace.

Compiled into an Installer for easy install.


Version (Not available as PAK Installer)

  • Bugfix: Changed placement of some fields on man Page
  • Bugfix: Fixed circular menue in Charsheet. You can use "Add Modifer", "Delete Modifier" and "Add Item in Location" and the like again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Issue where the weapon damage counted itself up when it was a Meleeweapon with Strength bonus

Version (Not available as PAK Installer)

  • Bugfix: Removed Decal to fix Problem with Update to 2.9
  • Text: Added Barrow to Textinformation as Bugfixer :). Thanks!

Version (Not available as PAK Installer)

  • Charsheet: Skillbonus was not saved between sessions of charsheet
  • Charsheet: Attribute modifier was not saved between sessions of charsheet
  • Charsheet: Weapon damage value (DV) was not saved between sessions of charsheet
  • Charsheet: Missile weapon type on character sheet was misspelled “missl”
  • Charsheet: Awakened spellcasters can now change the force of the spell being cast
  • Combat roll: message had non-relevant text that has been removed
  • Combat roll: message has been reformatted for better understanding
  • Combat roll: Melee weapons roll message had bullet related information displayed
  • Combat roll: Melee weapons roll message now contains information on reach
  • Combat roll: Damage type is now displayed after the DV for better visibility
  • Personalities: Description field now has a background making it possible to read any description added
  • Combat encounter: Threat rating text is now displayed properly in combat encounter template


  • added firemode text to weaponroll
  • added initrolls via ct for npc, pc and all
  • tabtargets reworked
  • minor cosmetic changes

Version 2 Release

Fenloh's latest update to the Shadowrun 4E ruleset. It include she following fixes:

  • Skillcategories horizontal for better overview and drag and drop (Skillname to category) for automatic Type selection
  • onWheel function for Lable and Icon Cycler works now both ways
  • added copyright Message to entry message and License html
  • Defaultlables for Infection, Magical and Skillgroup
  • changed Weapon Type Icon Cycler to Label Cycler
  • Repositioning DamageValue
  • new fields for Singleshot and Semiautomatic, short Burst, Long Burst and Full Auto
  • added Ammocount

Version 2 Release

Contains many fixes and is the latest full version released by Fenloh. He has added a combat tracker and a considerable amount of bugfixes in it.

Version 2

Version 2 (Sr4V2.rar) is currently not finished. Character Sheet and Dicerolling, as well as some nice graphics are mostly done. Combat Tracker and NSC Sheets are not done, Manual is not done. It is worth a look though.